• Social and Recreational Services

    "I enjoy my social group "circle of friends" very much, because it gives me the chance to meet up with my friends. Staff members help us make choices and discuss lots of things, including activities like bowling, hip hop, salsa and healthy eating." Tara Leech

    At St. Michael's House, groups of adults come together to meet and socialise. Activities vary greatly depending on personal interests of each group and can include going out for a meal, going to see a show and going to the pub.

    St. Michael's House also offers a Link one-to-one service, whereby adults meet a member of staff individually for social activities.

    Our Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre at Belcamp is the hub for many social and recreational activities, with many adults meeting for coffees, to watch football matches and movies, use the beauty centre, swim, play sports and engage in club activities.

    Adults also come together at concerts, fun days, unit open days and special events, such as St. Michael's House "Who's Got Talent" competition and fundraising activities.

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