• Training Services

    St. Michael's House's Training Centres provide adults with the opportunity to engage in wide range of training, employment, social and recreational activities. Each adult has an Individual Plan that outlines their personal goals and the supports required to achieve them.

    "I make the most of every day and keep a busy time between work, social time and excursions. At Castle Industries, I have many different jobs. I am also part of the Independent Group. Together with my friends, I go for walks, go to Dublin matches, socialise and visit different places in Dublin. Next year, I hope to go to Vegas for a week with some friends and staff from Castle Industries." Anthony Abbey

    Through project EVOLVE, we are currently undertaking a review of our training and employment services. The review involves consulting with service users, families and staff to develop new services that reflect the changing age profile and diversity of goals of service users. Changes in how services are delivered have already begun with the opening of the Omni Centre and a move from contract based work in long-term training centres to a more individualised service.

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