• Short-Term Training Centre

    Vocational training services are offered to young adults to support them in making the transition from school to the world of work, equipping them with the necessary life and social skills.

    St. Michael's House Short-Term Training Centre at Adare Green provides young adults with a three-year transition programme delivered through a range of training modules:

    • Independent Living Skills (e.g. home-making)

    • Personal Development (e.g. self-advocacy)

    • Community Skills (e.g. independent travel)

    • Leisure Activities

    • Modern Technology (e.g. computer skills)

    • Work Experience

    "We see a huge increase in the self-assurance and independence of service users. We want to give each trainee the opportunity to have as many experiences as possible so that they can make better informed choices about their future lives." Julie Dempsey, Centre Manager


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