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  • Key Challenges

    The St. Michael’s House strategic plan for services 2011– 2013 outlines the organisation's plan to maintain existing services and address waiting list needs in the context of repeated HSE cuts in funding and the absence, or reduced level of new funding for services over the 3 years of the plan.

    The combination of cuts in funding and growth in demand for services will present St. Michael’s House with very significant challenges, which include:

    •  To manage, maintain and renew existing services in the face of HSE current and future cutbacks and the HSE moratorium on recruitment. To-date St. Michael's House core funding has been reduced by €12.1m and staffing by 160 posts
    • To manage day, residential and respite service waiting lists and out of home emergencies in the absence of development funds from the HSE. Currently there are 45 service users in urgent need of an immediate residential place.
    • To continue to manage the provision of an early services programme for the increasing number of children being referred including children with diverse and increased support needs in the absence of HSE funding. On average we receive between 6 and 9 new referrals a month mainly from maternity and children's hospitals.
    • To continue the work on the development of new programmes to support the range of educational needs and rights of children with an intellectual disability.
    • To continue the process of designing and implementing an appropriate career and work life service for adults in the 25 – 45 age group. In 2013, an additional 28 service users will require an adult place.
    • To continue the development and delivery of an appropriate service to meet the changing needs of adult service users over 50 years of age who need increased medical and behavioural supports and retirement programmes.
    • To progress the relocation of the children and adults in Baldoyle Hospital into community based settings. 
    • To ensure St. Michael’s House practices and systems are consistent with the HIQA standards.
    • To ensure St. Michael’s House services are in the very best position to address the recommendation of the Governments Value for Money review


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