• Early Services

    Finding out what supports you and your child need is not always easy. Every family is unique.

    Deciding what supports and services are needed can be difficult for new parents. At St. Michael's House, we believe that services should be family-centred and tailored to meet the needs of each child and their family.

    Each family is assigned a key worker and  a multi-disciplinary team to support them in making those decisions, giving you practical advice, training and support.

    Early Services provides supports for young children and their families up to school-going age. Working in partnership with parents, multi-disciplinary teams identify the services required for the child to reach their developmental milestones. They also offer practical advice and training to support famillies. Services are provide through a combination of home visits, clinic appointments and group activities.

    Supports are tailored to meet the developmental needs of each child and their families.

    Core areas include:

    • Clinical supports: Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, medical etc.
    • Educational supports: Home Teaching, pre-school, Y.E.S Project, Toy Library, advice and guidance on school options
    • Parent Training: Introduction to St. Michael's House, Lamh, infant massages, Early Bird, Parenting Plus and preparation for school
    • Peer supports: Parent and Toddler Group, coffee mornings, social events
    • Information and advice on community resources and entitlements



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